Company Law Matters

In India, Companies are governed by the Companies Act, 1956. Every Company is required to register themselves with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) and file the necessary documents for various statutory requirements on a day to day basis.

We provide following services in respect of companies:

» Formation of Private/ Public Limited company.
» Drafting of memorandum and article of association of companies.
» Conversion of a private company into a public company and vice versa.
» Changing the name of company.
» Change of registered office.
» Alteration of main object of the company.
» Inclusion of new business in the memorandum of the company.
» Holding of statutory meetings and preparation of statutory reports.
» Amalgamation, merger and acquisition of companies.
» Buy back of shares.
» Filing of Return with the Registrar of Companies(ROC).
» Registration of Charge with the Registrar of Companies(ROC).