VAT Service

Broadly for taxation purpose, sales can be divided into:

•    Sales within a state (Know as ‘Intra state’ or ‘Local sales’)
•    Sales from one state to another state within the domestic boundaries of India (Known as ‘Interstate sales’ or ‘Central sale’)
•    Sales in the course of export from or import into India.

For traders/ manufacturers, Exporters/ Importers, we provide following services under Delhi Value Added Tax Act 2004 and Central Sales Tax Act 1956:

•    Registration under Delhi Sales Tax.
•    Filing of Returns under Delhi Sales Tax.
•    Procuring of statutory forms from the Sale Tax Department.
•    Regular Assessment
•    Appeal, revision and rectification of order.
•    Amendment in registration certificate.
•    Refund of Tax.
•    Consultancy in Sales Tax/ VAT.